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5 Pretty And Useful Bridal Shower Favor Ideas For An Unforgettable Party!

Nail polish is a great little favor, instantly elevated by a little cute packaging

I’m in the middle of planning my sister’s bridal shower at the moment and we just started looking at cute and unique bridal shower favor ideas for the guests. While I’m still narrowing down our choices, I thought I’d share with you a whole bunch of adorable and useful options that you can buy or …

Feel Free To Mix And Match Bridesmaids’ Jewelry To Suit Your Party

One of the biggest departures from wedding traditions in the past few years has been the move toward different styles of bridesmaid’s dresses within the same wedding party. The bride picks a color (and sometimes a material), and her attendants can each choose a dress that suits them —their style, their comfort and their body …

Anniversary Gift Baskets Good

anniversary gift baskets

White Wrapping Paper Roll Great

white wrapping paper roll

Black Gift Wrapping Paper Beautiful

black gift wrapping paper

Small Satin Ribbon Bows Popular

small satin ribbon bows

Cool Fruit Baskets Cool

cool fruit baskets

Headstone Engraving Equipment Great

headstone engraving equipment

Fancy Food Gift Baskets Good

fancy food gift baskets

Valentines Wrapping Paper Luxury

valentines wrapping paper

Edible Gift Arrangements Cool

edible gift arrangements

Laser Engraving Tool Cool

laser engraving tool

Wine And Food Gift Baskets Great

wine and food gift baskets

Get Inspired By These Deliciously Creative Pretty Candy Wedding Favors

Get Inspired By These Deliciously Creative Pretty Candy Wedding Favors

It’s tough to find a wedding favor that guests crave more than candy. Whether dragées, chocolates, caramels, taffy, or gummies, you pretty much can’t go wrong with gifting your guests something sweet for the trip home. Need convincing? Get inspired by these deliciously creative candy favors. These tasty takeaways are so beautifully presented, your loved …

Find The Most Pleasant Surprise At Your Bridal Party With This Best Australian Subscription Boxes Ideas

If variety is the spice of life for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, then the Goodness Me Box could be the perfect fit

The world is going crazy for subscription boxes. It is the gift that keeps on giving and if you have enough self-restraint to stay off the website for a sneak peek of what is coming your way each month, you will have a pleasant surprise from your postage when it arrives. This is why subscription …



Have an upcoming wedding and stuck on what to gift the bride at her bridal shower? Need the perfect shower gift? So, here’s some great bridal shower gift ideas for the bride! Scented candle or a spa treatment Today, modern bridal showers are about the bride herself, so a gift like scented candles are both …

Custom Laser Engraving Jewelry Awesome

custom laser engraving jewelry

Fruit Basket Home Delivery Excellent

fruit basket home delivery

Fruit Flower Bouquet Excellent

fruit flower bouquet

Spring Wrapping Paper Beautiful

spring wrapping paper

Thick Blue Ribbon Amazing

thick blue ribbon

Roland Engraver New

roland engraver